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Lady Microshading

Client’s brow conditions:

🔸 already have nice hair flows

🔸 minor asymmetric

🔸 MAJOR PROBLEM: to draw eyebrow when you're a mommy😅

‼️ Microshading is for anybody, any skin type and any problems.

🔑 NETT price, NO extra charges, NO hard sell, NO package, NO negotiations😘 (Thank you for honoring my price❤️)

🔑 1 FREE Touch up session within 3 months

🔑 Aftercare cream & instructions

🔑 Natural pigments made in Germany & Korea (no discoloration)

🔑 Sterilized products & disposable tools (needle, shaver, glove, etc.)

🔹 Customized design & color

🔹 Natural result

🔹 Minimal peeling, painless, safe

🔹 Last about 2 years depending on skin type

📩 For enquiries/ appointment (Whatsapp only, NO CALLS) 84225430 Mandy

📍 Punggol, Singapore (registered home-based salon)

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