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Juggle Between Brow Nation & The Little One

Mumpreneur is a glamorous terminology, starting a mumpreneur business that allows me to work from home is much harder than many people realise. The hardest part would be to juggle between business and bringing up my little one (LO), at this point I believe all mummies can understand!

Running a business is an emotional journey, a great sense of achievement but also comes with it's stresses as well. I am thankful of the amazing support system. Our family often showed up with support in many ways such as looking after the LO when I have my appointment or even picking up LO from school.

Most importantly spousal support, he is the marketing genie, the web designer and also managing financial decision for the business. Most importantly being the pillar of strength (Emotionally 'I believe you can make this business happen' ,Physically ' no problem - I will help mind the kids when you have your appointment. Financially 'our family can depend on my individual income till your business breaks even.)

Now you know our story, Brow Nation was built with lots of love and encouragement from the family. I will use my skill to spread happiness and satisfaction to all my customers! Thankful for the more than 100 customers we have serve since 2018! Thank you for the support!

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