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Who's a good candidate & who's not?

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

You are suitable if ...

You want beautiful eyebrows when you wake up... every morning! 

You have sparse eyebrows or no eyebrows at all.

You ever tweeze your brows and your eyebrows don't ever grow back.

You have scarring through your brow and you want to conceal it.

You have alopecia or hair loss.

You work out regularly and your makeup always sweats off.

You are a busy business woman, mommy, man on the go who has little time

You Have amazing eyebrows, but need a small fill.

This new procedure recreates hair like strokes with a manual blade to give you natural & beautiful eyebrows.


But you may NOT be suitable if ...

You are prone to poor scar healing or keloid.

You are having underlying skin diseases like psoriasis, serious acne, eczema.

You have diabetes, you will have to check with your medical doctor.

You are pregnant (Congratulation by the way, we will wait for you!)

You have sexually transmitted disease (HIV etc.)


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